Roosevelt International Middle School

San Diego Unified School District

School Site Council Bylaws

Revised September 28, 2020



Duties and Functions


Duties of the School Site Council

The duties of the School Site Council of Roosevelt International Middle School hereinafter referred to as the SSC, shall carry out the following duties:





Section A: Composition

The SSC shall be composed of 10 members, selected by their peers, as follows:


The school principal shall be an ex officio member of the SSC.  The principal or his/her designee shall attend all SSC meetings; however, only the principal may vote on actions.  SSC members chosen to represent parents may be employees of the school district so long as they are not employed at this school.


Section B: Term of Office

SSC members shall be elected for 2-year terms. Half, or the nearest approximation thereof, of each representative group shall be elected during odd years, and the remaining number of elected members during even years.  At the first regular meeting of the SSC, each member’s current term of office shall be recorded in the minutes of the meeting.

Section C: Term Limits

SSC members shall serve on the SSC for no more than two consecutive terms.  Members need to be elected to the second term.  If a member would like to run for a third term, a minimum absence of one year would be required to run for the position.


Section D: Voting Rights

Each member shall be entitled to one vote and may cast that vote on each matter submitted to a vote of the SSC. Absentee (proxy) and any electronic ballots shall not be permitted.


Section E: Termination of Membership

The SSC may, by an affirmative vote of two-thirds of all its members, suspend or expel a member.  The SSC may vote to terminate a membership for any member who is absent for 2 consecutive meetings.  Any elected member may terminate his or her membership by submitting a written letter of resignation to the SSC chairperson.


Section F: Transfer of Membership

Membership on the SSC may not be assigned or transferred.


Section G: Vacancy

Any vacancy on the SSC occurring during the term of a duly elected member shall be immediately filled by the next highest vote receiver in the group from the previous ballot for the period of time until the next regular election.  If there are no more candidates from the ballot, an election will be held.  Communication will be shared with all members of the group (either teachers, other staff or parents) requesting nominations.  




 Elections of SSC Members

-        The certificated membership will be elected into rotational positions for two years.

-        Nominations and elections are conducted by certificated staff.

-        If there are fewer or equal nominees than there are positions vacant, the nominees will automatically be accepted as representatives.

-        The “other” staff membership will be elected into rotational positions for two years.

-        Nominations and elections are conducted by “other” school personnel.

-        If there are fewer or equal nominees than there are positions vacant, the nominees will automatically be accepted as representatives.

-        Nominations and elections will be conducted by the school office staff.

-     Parents will be elected into their positions for two years.

-        Announcement of the elections will be included in the May, June, and September issues of the school newsletter and website.  The announcement will also be posted on the School Marquee.

-        Nominations will be accepted in September/October.

-        If there are fewer or equal nominees than there are positions vacant, the nominees will automatically be accepted as representatives.


All election ballots and result records will be maintained at the school site for seven (7) years.



Officers / DAC Representative


Section A: Officers

The officers of the SSC shall be a chairperson, vice-chairperson, secretary, and other officers the SSC may deem desirable.


The chairperson shall:

·         Collaborate with the principal in developing agendas and reviewing minutes prior to posting.

·         Preside at all meetings of the SSC.

·         Sign all letters, reports, and other communications of the SSC.

·         Perform all duties incident to the office of the chairperson.

·         Have other such duties as are prescribed by the SSC.


The vice-chairperson shall:

·         Represent the chairperson in assigned duties.

·         Substitute for the chairperson in his/her absence.

The secretary shall:

·         Keep minutes of all regular and special meetings of the SSC.

·         Transmit true and correct copies of the minutes of such meetings to members of the SSC

·         Provide all notices in accordance with these bylaws.

·         Keep a register of the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of each member of the SSC, the chairperson of school advisory committees, and others with whom the SSC has regular dealings, as furnished by those persons.

·         Perform other such duties as are assigned by the chairperson or the SSC.

Section B: DAC Representative

The District Advisory Council (DAC) Representative shall:


Section C: Election and Terms of Office

The officers and DAC representative shall be elected annually, at the first meeting of the SSC, and shall serve for one year, or until each successor has been elected.


Section D: Removal

Any officer may be removed by a two-thirds vote of all members.


Section E: Vacancy

A vacancy in any office shall be filled at the earliest opportunity by a special election of the SSC, for the remaining portion of the term of office.









Section A:  Sub-committees

The SSC may establish and abolish sub-committees of their own membership to perform duties as shall be prescribed by the SSC.  At least one member representing teachers and one member representing parents shall make up the sub-committee.  No sub-committee may exercise the authority of the SSC.


Section B: Other Standing and Special Committees

The SSC may establish and abolish standing or special committees with such composition and to perform such duties as shall be prescribed by the SSC. No such committee may exercise the authority of the SSC.


Section C: Terms of Office

The SSC shall determine the terms of office for members of a committee.


Section D: Rules

Each committee may adopt rules for its own government not inconsistent with these bylaws or with rules adopted by the SSC, or policies of the district governing board.


Section E: Quorum

A majority (51% or greater) of the members of the committee shall constitute a quorum, unless otherwise determined by the SSC.  The act of a majority of the members present shall be the act of the committee, provided a quorum is present.




Meetings of the SSC


Section A: Meetings

The SSC shall meet regularly on a monthly basis and/or as necessary to conduct the business and responsibilities of the SSC.  AS the agenda dictates, special meetings of the SSC may be called by the chairperson or by a majority vote of the SSC.


Section B: Place of Meetings

The SSC shall hold its regular monthly meetings at a facility provided by the school, unless such facility that is accessible to the public, including handicapped persons, is unavailable.  Alternate meeting places may be determined by the chairperson or by majority vote of the SSC.  In the event that it is not possible to hold the meeting in person, the SSC will meet virtually over a Zoom conference, or other comparable platform.


Section C: Notice of Meetings

1.      Written or digital public notice of all meetings shall be given at least 72 hours in advance of the meeting.

2.      Changes in the established date, time, or location must be given in a special notice.

3.      All meetings shall be publicized in the following venues: email, weekly callout, website, and bulletin board.

4.      All required notices shall be delivered to the SSC and committee members, no less than 72 hours prior and no more than 7 days in advance to the date of the meeting, personally, or by mail or via e-mail.

Section D: Quorum

The act of the majority of the members present shall be the act of the SSC, provided a quorum is in attendance, and no decision may otherwise be attributed to the SSC.  A majority of the members of the SSC (51% or greater) shall constitute a quorum.  No actions may be taken unless a quorum has been established.


Section E: Conduct of Meetings

Meetings of the SSC shall be conducted in accordance with the rules or order established by California Education Code Section 35147 (c) and with Robert’s Rules of Order or an adaptation thereof approved by the SSC.


Members will arrive at the designated time. It is recommended that members read and prepare for meetings prior to the start of the meeting.


All cell phones and pagers are to be turned off or silenced for the meeting.


Section F: Meetings Open to the Public

All meetings of the SSC, and of committees established by the SSC, shall be open to the public.  Notice of such meetings shall be provided in accordance with Section C of this article.



Article VII


An amendment of these Bylaws may be made at any regular meeting of the SSC by a vote if a quorum is present and must be by a vote of two-thirds (2/3) of the members present.  Written notice of the proposed amendment must be submitted to SSC members at least 14 days prior to the meeting at which the amendment is to be considered for adoption.