Survey for Instructional Model Choice

19 March 2021

Dear Roosevelt Families,

We plan to continue providing quality online learning for families who choose to have
their student(s) remain online and to also provide an Onsite/Online Hybrid model
beginning on April 12th. The Onsite portion of the hybrid will hopefully provide students
with four days of onsite instruction provided by our classroom teachers. For the remainder
of each school day/week, students in the hybrid model will work independently on lessons
provided by their teachers. This “asynchronous learning” will be done both online and
offline. As soon as we finalize our Onsite/Online Hybrid model, we will provide you with
specific details about your child’s schedule.

Our goal is to continue to provide a safe learning environment throughout the entire day
for students and offer additional time beyond the instructional day. Additional time beyond
the school day may be provided by staff and not necessarily by your child’s teacher. Your
input will be necessary to determine the level of additional opportunities that may be provided.

Based on the number of students who choose the Onsite/Online Hybrid model, Roosevelt may
need to decrease the amount of time students spend on campus in order to protect everyone’s
health. We will always maintain the highest possible health and safety conditions. In this case,
it may be necessary to move to a 2 days on, 2 days off campus model, for students who are
receiving their live instruction through the Onsite/Online Hybrid model.

Students receiving special education services will receive the services outlined in their
Individualized Education Plan (IEP) in both the Onsite/Online Hybrid and the Online Only
instructional models.

Please finalize your choice by completing this Instructional Model Choice Form indicating your
choice for either the Onsite/Online Hybrid or the Online Only model by March 22, 2021. Please
complete ONE form PER CHILD, using your child's student ID.

If your response is not received by Monday, March 22, 2021, your child will be assigned to the
Online Only model. Families who wish to change their selection during the final weeks of the
school year may be accommodated based on the availability of physical space, adhering to
health and safety guidelines.

If you have any questions or if our staff could be of any assistance to you or your family,
please contact me anytime.

Hope to see you all today at 5 pm for our informational meeting. We will share a recording of
this meeting with families if you are unable to attend.

With gratitude,

Principal Steinberger