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We are unwavering in our commitment to align with our mission and vision. We are deliberate in, intentional about, and mindful of how our work impacts the lives of our community, especially the students we serve every day.

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We are unlimited by past solutions and take initiative to improve the educational experience. Our growth-oriented mindset is pervasive and goes beyond traditional approaches to meet students where they are and design a system that fits their needs.

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We recognize our individual power to lead from where we are, thrive on teamwork, and embrace unique perspectives to create the best future for our students and community. We know discovering and activating the ideal path forward is a collective charge.

Who We Are

Image of GCISD students

An energized school is the heart of every vibrant community.
And an innovative education is the lifeblood of our brighter future.

In GCISD, we believe the potential of every student is an untapped well of greatness.
So, the way things have always been done is not how we do things around here.

Here, we work together and truly listen to each other, because each unique voice makes our community stronger.

Here, we recognize that students have their own path and only by meeting them where they are, can we forge the best way forward.

In GCISD, we all contribute to a safe, caring environment where all students can thrive.
We do so, because our work makes a difference; in the lives of our students today and the impact they’ll have on tomorrow.

By redefining what education can be, we change who we can become.
By taking the individual initiative to improve, we grow better together.

In GCISD, we show up and step up because our students and our communities deserve nothing less than our BEST!


GCISD inspires, encourages and empowers students to achieve their full potential in a global society.


Be the BEST by Building Excellent Schools Together. We will promote good citizenship and prepare, motivate and encourage each student to reach his or her full potential within a safe, caring, cooperative environment by providing an effective and enduring education.